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Looking for some “must have” books for a bouncing baby boy about to join your family or someone close to you? One of the neatest guest books I’ve seen at a baby shower is to have each person bring a book in lieu of a card. It helps build a library for the soon-to-be bundle of joy!

If you are like I was…I was pretty clueless when it came to books that the parents and the baby would enjoy, and something maybe a little different than what everyone else would bring as a result of their “Baby’s First Books” Google search.

These are a combination of books we bought for Mountain Goat and gifts from friends and family. And they’re books we USE and READ and he LOVES. And books I would recommend for any first library.

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Goodnight Moon (buy on Amazon) – The classic on the list. I wanted to be completely unique, but both Fox and Mountain Goat have loved this one! It’s something about the simple phrases, the bold illustrations, the “bowl of mush” and “quiet old lady whispering hush” that sticks in their mind. Of all the classics out there, Goodnight Moon is a must for any new library.

This Little Piggy Finger Puppet Book (Little Learners) (buy on Amazon) – Do you remember books like this from your own childhood? This chunky books is a great take on the classic rhyme of “This Little Piggy”. Complete with a pig finger puppet that runs through the entire book. Our kids squeal whenever I make the piggy “oink!”. They pet it and laugh at it and ask to read this book again and again. I would even nuzzle their noses with the soft little piggy when they were infants.

That’s Not My Goat (Touchy-Feely Board Books) (buy on Amazon) – These kinds of books exist for just about any nursery theme you can think of. We had to hunt for anything goat-related and I was thrilled when we found this. Boys are also very hands-on creatures and this series of books is great touch and feel fun, especially as babies are practicing their sense of touch. We have more of these and I imagine we could end up with an entire set at one point. Ummm, like That’s Not My Monster: Its Nose Is Too Bobbly!

Alphablock (buy on Amazon) – This one! This is the one I personally buy for baby showers (so if you invite me, sorry to spoil the surprise). The illustrations are very modern and bright and clever and it’s perfect for starting young readers. Teach these babies their alphabet! Mountain Goat also likes this one because of the die-cut letters preceding each illustration. “P” is for “Pencil” is one of his favorites. Definitely also check out Countablock (Alphablock) too for counting things like “2 snowmen become 2 puddles” all the way up to 100.

Once There Was a Boy… Boxed Set (buy on Amazon) – This was a gift from Grandma when we were expecting Mountain Goat. And then I fell in love with Oliver Jeffers and his clever creativity. This is a boxed set of beautiful books all about a boy. He wants to catch a star, so he sets out trying to do so – with a net or catching the reflection in the water. And in another, the boy gets stranded on the moon with an alien. They have to figure out how to repair their spaceships and find their way back home. Jeffers has also written The Day the Crayons Quit if you’re familiar with that one. Then you know these are going to be another must-have set for baby’s first library.

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  1. GramZ says: Reply

    Love your descriptions of how your little Fox and Mountain Goat respond when you read them the books you recommend. And the video of you reading one….

    I also like that your web page has books in the margin that are clickable links to Amazon—makes it easy for moms and dads to make a purchase—

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