Little Pear Tree by Rachel Williams

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Our new favorite book of seasons is…
Title: Little Pear Tree
Author: Rachel Williams
Illustrator: Jenny Bowers
Publisher: Candlewick Press

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Positive: A delightfully colorful lift-the-flap kids book about the growth of a pear tree from a little seedling. Each page takes you through the seasons of the year, with different things to explore as you watch the tree grow, like snowflakes, bugs, deer nibbling the young pear tree shoots, and pear seeds. Fox couldn’t keep her nose out of it while we were out on our walk. She said it was her favorite. Nice rhymes and well written. I’m also a sucker for these kinds of illustrations. I think Jenny Bowers is my new favorite illustrator!

Negative: Some of the flaps are quite thin at their base and I can see how some of them could easily be accidentally (or not-so-accidentally, ahem Mountain Goat) ripped off. It’s easy to repair, but perhaps keep this one out of really small hands unless you’re right there with them. In fact, just keep it in your room so you can gaze at the pictures when they’re not reading it.

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