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I feel like the kids do so much better going to bed with a routine, especially for say…a 3.5 year old little girl. Fox’s routine is currently: put on pajamas, pick out a book, drink of water, final bathroom stop, pray, blow a kiss, and say goodnight. Here are some of her most consistent picks for bedtime and I’m realizing these are older books. All ones that she loves and hold her attention in various ways, but to be up front, I think these links will help you find some great deals on used books (or visit your local used bookstore to see if they’re in stock). This is our current favorite shop in Columbus: Village Bookshop

What helps you as you get the kiddos ready for bed? What are some of their favorites they always pull off the shelves…you know, the ones you have memorized by now?

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A Children’s Treasury of Poems – A tremendous collection of poems. And I love the feel of the pages – somewhere between a board book and paperback (seemingly indestructible). It also has poems I remember from my own childhood, like the one about the Purple Cow. So many of these poems encourage reading and imagination and some are just downright silly.

Dino Bikes by Eva Montanari (2004-04-01) – For as long as we’ve had this book (about a year), it’s been a favorite. And it’s a great story to encourage children to stand up to peer pressure. Stego Saurus wants to ride a bike just like the other dinosaurs, but they can be mean and talk poor Stego into riding without his training wheels. But like in “The Three Little Rigs”, Stego gets help in being okay with needing a little extra support.

No More Monsters for Me! (I Can Read Level 1) – All little kids get to the point when they want a pet. A dog. A kitten. Well, Minneapolis Simpkin isn’t allowed any pets, but what happens when she finds a little monster lost and alone in the rain? Can she hide it from her mom? And how do you hide a rapidly growing monster?

Parrot’s Life for Me – This book has some of the greatest opportunity to have fun reading aloud. As a parent, you get to practice your pirate AND parrot voices. So go for it. This parrot has finally been chosen to join his pirate after extensive training. Not long into the job, they meet a nasty pirate willing to wage battle against them. Treasure and treats are flying everywhere – marshmallows, crackers, oh my! Thankfully, this story has the sweetest of endings leaving your kids wanting to read s’more!

Giorgio’s Village – Tomie DePaola is a classic children’s author and this pop-up is one I had as a child. Giorgio goes through his daily routine in a local Italian courtyard. He is joined by his cat and they observe all the goings on of the day, including a play at night!

Bibi Takes Flight – Bibi is a little penguin, afraid of the water but dreaming of flying. One day he gets his wish, but it takes him away from his family and into the unknown. This is a great tale about overcoming fears. Bibi becomes quite the little swimmer after helping a stranded pilot fix his plane.

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