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free giveaway

In addition to helping you find the best books for kids, we want to help foster creative thinking and experiential learning. So we decided to take Fox and Mountain Goat to the woodshed.

They helped me pick out our birch wood and poplar dowel rods, then helped me measure. Popsie (my father-in-law and their grandpa) cut out our squares and then helped set up the drill press. Then it was up to us to drill the holes we had measured (Fox helped blow away the saw dust). We took our boards home and sanded them (Fox “stamped” them with the sandpaper) and I finished them as smooth as I could with layers of mineral oil. As smooth as a baby’s bottom!

I love including the kids in projects like this and they get excited at the idea of it. They get better and better and trying out various things too. While I couldn’t talk them into working the drill press with me, they were excellent at their versions of measuring and sanding.

And we have one geoboard we lovingly made for one of our fans – YOU! We even tried it out and have a set of colorful rubber bands to send with it. You’ll get a personal note from us too. You can enter below from June 13th to June 24rd, 11pm EST. The winner will be announced June 25th (US residents only).

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