Kids Books Online: Introducing “Read Aloud”

read aloud

I remember one of the times I was sick. I lost my voice and Fox was enchanted with “Are You My Mother”, wanting to read it over and over again. I tried to explain that I couldn’t read, but even the words needed for an explanation were hard to get from a wispy voice. She was devastated.

children's booksWhy not kids books online?! So instead we hopped on good ol’ YouTube and looked up videos of people reading storybooks. It was a lifesaver! I decided we’d give back to that community by doing our own versions of our favorite stories so the next time you’re sick, or getting dinner ready, or trying to go to the bathroom in peace (ha ha, like that will ever happen), you can visit our YouTube channel and pick from a host of stories.

We film them intentionally with the hope that the viewer feels like they’re sitting right there on the couch with us. We have fun with it and I hope you enjoy it too.

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