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Here’s the deal:
1. Pick up any Ladybug Girl book. Now.
2. Practice your cowboy accent.
3. Read ahead for why.

This recent library haul is a great combination of productive planning and spontaneous finds. We all love each of these books listed here and the neat thing about most of them is that once you read through them, there are more in the series!

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Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam – We love rhyming books at our house. And books teaching morals. This book introducing Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam as they change from their life of crime to a life of treats got the conversation going with Fox about how stealing is a bad choice. You meet two crooks who just can’t seem to find a place to rob. Even the easy ones. So they devise a plan to invite all of their neighbors over for a party (which they realize also involved making cupcakes and cookies and pastries…oh, the drama!) and then sneak out to rob each of their neighbor’s houses while they distractedly eat at Shifty and Sam’s house. The two thieves find they actually quite enjoy baking, but do indeed sneak out to do their robbing. The only problem is that a neighbor overhears and the entire group follows Shifty and Sam to the first house. Caught red handed! Instead of turning Shifty and Sam over to the authorities, the neighbors suggest they do something more productive with their time, like open a cafe! So they do. And it’s a smashing success.

TouchThinkLearn: Vehicles – Currently Mountain Goat’s favorite, as you can see him trying to hold all the books along with Mickey. His language is exploding, and thanks to this book, “hot air balloon” is now part of his vocabulary. Sturdy board book pages and simple vehicle designs that stick up from the pages. I mean, just looks at the cover. The illustrations inside are just as charming. Cement trucks, trains, hot air balloons, and more. It’s just what this series of books claims: touch, think, learn. I would recommend this as a must have for a new baby’s library.

Ladybug Girl at the Beach – WE LOVE LADYBUG GIRL. We’ve read just about all of them that we can find. What I love about these books is that in each one, Lulu is faced with a problem that she solves creatively. And they’re problems that our own children will face. Unknowingly hurting a friend’s feelings, finding common ground with a new friend, being brave in scary situations, and not giving up when things don’t work out your way. In this book it’s conquering her fear of the ocean. She decides the waves are scary, but brushes it off as she’d rather fly a kite or get ice cream (it’s a 2-scoop day!). Then Lulu realizes that she is “Ladybug Girl!” (go ahead, yell it out confidently when you read it) as she has saved her beloved bucket from the ocean waves. From then on, Ladybug Girl and her dog Bingo, run through the waves and discover that they love the beach.

TouchThinkLearn: Opposites – This book is another great picture book for kids in the same touch, think, learn series, but this is a book of opposites. More of the same darling illustrations with parts that stick up for little hands to feel. I also love that some of these opposites are different than what I’ve been teaching.

Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads – Get practicing your best south-western drawl, because this book becomes increasingly fun to read aloud the better you can get into character. The Terrible Toads have come to Drywater Gulch and have been kissin’ cattle and stealing things. Thankfully, Sheriff Ryan arrives, slowly…on his tortoise. The new sheriff in town discovers that all of these bad things have actually been caused by dinosaurs and not the Toad brothers. Well, them Toad Brothers get wind of it and don’t like the idea of all the credit going to the diney-sores. The Toads are the only bona fide criminals in town, so they end up locking themselves in jail before the sheriff rounds up the dinosaurs *supposedly* responsible. Just please, please do this book justice and read it with as much cowboy and outlaw drama as you can. We imagine the mayor with a slow drawl and the town prospector with more of a high pitched twang. But you own it for yourselves. In fact, I’d love to hear your best reading of part of the book! Tag us with #foxandthegoat on Instagram with your favorite lines.

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