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I’m sure you’re like us and hit up the library on a fairly regular basis. Story time is always a win if we manage to get there in one piece and on time, but it’s always worth going for the stack of books we bring home. I’ll be sharing my favorites from what we find so you can check them out too.

Any of these books would make for great additions to your home library or as gifts for other kids near and dear to your hearts. And the links and images will take you directly to a link where you can see more about the books.

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Fancy Nancy: Super Secret Surprise Party (I Can Read Level 1) – Our fox loves the Fancy Nancy books. Nancy is a girl who loves dressing up and using fancy words. She also is an excellent example to other young girls in dealing with little kid feelings and disappointments. In this story, Nancy and her friends are planning a surprise party and have to be very cautious about who they share the details with. Will the party remain a surprise?

Purplicious (Pinkalicious) – This is the first in the series we’ve read and I think our Fox picked it out because her favorite color is purple. This is a clever and beautiful book encouraging children to be confident in the things they like. If you like pink and everyone else likes black, you can be that person that helps others feel confident in their own likes – even purple!

The Three Little Rigs – Fox picked this one out but both she and the Mountain Goat thoroughly enjoy this rendition of “The Three Little Pigs”. Construction equipment always wins in the hearts of children. They don’t realize it, but this story also helps encourage children to ask for help if they need it. When the big bad wrecking ball brings in his pals, the three little rigs go ask for help to deal with them.

Princess Party – Another neat and bright book for the princess Fox. I think she especially enjoyed this one for the rhyming in the story. It’s fancy and fun!

Five Little Monkeys Jump in the Bath (A Five Little Monkeys Story) – I think we’ve read almost all of the books in this series, but both Fox and Mountain Goat love them! The monkeys find themselves all messy after some tasty ice cream…icky, sticky, yucky, mucky monkeys! This books has fun sequences of words the kids get a kick out of hearing.

My Bus Board Book – Mountain Goat picked out this one. Proof to me that bright and bold attracts young eyes (not quite my style, but we go with the flow). Joe is a bus driver who picks up and drops off dogs and cats on his route. They visit a boat, train, and airplane. The phrases are short and there are opportunities to do simple counting with the kids when you read. We’ll be checking out more by this author.

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