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If it weren’t for his blankie, I’d have a difficult time keeping track of Mountain Goat at the library. A quick glance around for a flash of polkadots and I know where his little chubby legs are headed. The kind lady at the checkout counters made me aware that he was escaping. “Eh”, was my reply. She ended on “He sure is adventurous, but he’s quite a charmer”. Thanks, I’ll keep him.

These are the favorites from Fox and Mountain Goat for this library roundup. And one of these made me cry; it was ridiculously sweet and clever. Click on the links or book images to check out more information about the titles.

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Space Boy and the Space Pirate (click to buy on Amazon)
You may consider this a beginner’s comic book in picture book form. Niko has a spaceship in the backyard of his home planet, but his friend Sasha is kidnapped by a pirate! Her sister Posh is forcing her to play with dolls….oh, the agony! Will Niko be able to rescue Sasha in time? And what will he do when the space pirate hijacks his own spaceship? This tale is a cute lesson in how to handle things when they don’t go quite your way.

Buddy and Earl Go Exploring (click to buy on Amazon)
I picked this one because the title includes the world “exploring”. Buddy and Earl are a hedgehog and dog who have their own adventure after their owners go to bed. They imagine the water bowl is a lake, the trashcan an mountain, and Mom’s purse a mean monster that has captured a sweet lady hedgehog! Buddy learns to use his imagination and Earl is able to save the day. This is a cute story of what we imagine our pets must do while we sleep.

I Want My Hat Back (click to buy on Amazon)
Fox is beginning to read and this book was perfect for sight words! I mean “hat” is not only in the title, but on just about every page. She was pretty proud of herself for picking it out each time. The illustrations are darling and tell the story of Bear on a hunt for his red, pointy hat. He asks all the different animals if they’ve seen it and if you pay attention, you may spot it before he does. It’s a good check point to see how observant your little reader is.

Superhero Dad (click to buy on Amazon)
THIS ONE!!!! This one made me cry! It cleverly rhymes in spots as you hear this little boy exclaim about all the things that make his dad a superhero. He’s super strong because he can lift their dog, he super snores, and makes a super breakfast of toast with chocolate and fruit and ice cream and cake. The illustrations are bold and colorful and very well done. I love this book as much as both Fox and Mountain Goat. We read it 5x in a row yesterday. What got me? The son gets scared at night, so his superhero dad comes in and all the monsters disappear. The dad then tells him, “I’m no Superhero, but I know a Superhero who is brave and kind and fun – my Superhero Son”. When you read it, tell me it doesn’t get to you too!

The Sleepy Songbird (click to buy on Amazon)
I picked out this one for the illustrations. It’s light and airy and darling. It gave us a lot to talk about while we read it too. A songbird finds a dawn chorus of birds and keeps missing tryouts because he sleeps in too late. He can’t seem to wake up or stay up early or long enough to make it. It turns out he’s a nightingale who just needed to find his own chorus. Each of the birds is colorful and unique and I love that it tells kids that there are like-minded people out there for them. That they can be themselves.

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